Satin Sachet Teas Featuring Pure Ceylon Tea

The Finest in the World!

Various Tins of Tea

Left to Right
1.) Georgia Ginger Peach: Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Natural Peach Flavoring, and Ginger Pieces - $8.75
2.) Decaf Georgia Ginger Peach: Decaffeinated Pure Ceylon Black Tea, Natural Peach Flavoring, and Ginger Pieces - $8.99
3.) Raspberry Panache Oolong: Semi-Oxidized, High-Elevation Oolong Tea with Natural Raspberry Flavoring, and Dried Fruit Pieces - $8.75
4.) Earl Grey Supreme: Ceylon Black Tea with Natural Bergamot Flavoring and Orange Peel - $8.75
5.) Island Breeze: Sencha Green Tea with Passion Fruit, Mango, Natural Kiwi Flavoring, and Dried Fruit Pieces - $8.75

Cinnamon Orange Tea

Cinnamon Orange Tea: Blend of Black Teas with Cinnamon Chips and Natural Orange Flavor - $8.75

Sachet Refills

Refills: Twenty per Package
Georgia Ginger Peach - $5.99 ~ Decaffeinated Georgia Ginger Peach - $7.49 ~ Island Breezes - $5.99
Oolong Raspberry Panache - $6.59 ~ Earl Grey Supreme - $5.99 ~ Cinnamon and Orange - $5.99

Thank you for supporting my small business.

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