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Founding Fathers Tea Filters

Raspberry and Peach Tea Filters

Our premium Ceylon Tea filters make one or more gallons of iced tea. Simply place the tea filter in a container with a lid, add two cups of hot water, put on the lid, and set it aside for an hour. This makes your tea infusion or liquor. Pour the infusion into a gallon jug and then fill it to the top with cold water. You can repeat this process until the tea filter has lost its strength.

• Georgia Ginger Peach Black Tea - $2.99
• Decaffeinated Georgia Ginger Peach Black Tea - $4.49
• Georgia Ginger Peach Green Tea - $2.99
• Superior Black Ceylon Tea - $2.99
• Raspberry Panache Black Tea - $2.99
• Decaffeinated Raspberry Panache Black Tea - $4.49

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